Daniel Bednarik

Daniel Bednarik’s Background

BIOSKETCH: Daniel Bednarik was previously Director of Genomics and Bioinformatics for Cardiome Pharma Corporation. He was previously co-founder and Vice President of Cardiovascular Biology of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc., which was acquired by Cardiome in 2005. Dr. Bednarik served as a consultant for Cardiome for two years and was subsequently hired in 2007 to develop genomic and proteomic biomarker programs to help augment and accelerate clinical trial design. He created the largest known cardiovascular gene expression database for Gene Logic. Dr. Bednarik served as a key scientist for the development of Human Genome Sciences’ (HGS) database and has over 28 years experience in the field of virology with emphasis on HIV and herpes virus pathology. He was co-recipient of a DARPA contract in 2006 where he and his colleagues developed a novel non-host method for rapid vaccine manufacture. Dan also is experienced in developing and managing clinical programs. His training was completed at Temple University School of Medicine (Philadelphia) in 1985, and The Johns Hopkins University Oncology Center (Baltimore).

IN MY CURRENT POSITION OF SENIOR DIRECTOR, MOLECULAR ENGINEERING UNIT (MEU) OPERATIONS, I provide molecular engineering support for the company’s programs and “External Channel Partner” collaborations in terms of proprietary gene design technology needs to facilitate drug and/or product development across a spectrum of corporate divisions and sectors.  Works closely with the Chief Scientific Officer (MEU), President, Human Therapeutics Division (HTD), and the Cell Engineering Unit (CEU) to accelerate translation of technology to application in the clinic or other venues.

Key areas include:

  1. Construction of orally inducible gene therapy solutions – biologic, RNAi.
  2. Novel delivery of gene therapy solutions – viral, nonviral, nanoparticle.
  3. Novel cell-based production platform development.
  4. Veterinary, food science, health sector, bioinformatics, and other.

Specialties:Recruitment of private capital, Bioinformatics/Genomics, Clinical Program Development & Management, Pharmacogenomics, Virology, Translational Medicine, Heart Disease.

Please visit my LinkedIn Profile – http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielpbednarikdanielbednarik